Sassy Setbacks…06.23.2008

I am often amazed at what possibilities, advancement and exposure the wonderful World Wide Web has spawn for all of us. I mean, how exciting a time to live in the Technology Age. We get to make all sorts of connections with the simple click of a button. Technology advancement has helped the human race accomplish so much for our betterment, and then again……

And while we’re at it, I am totally disgusted by this one. I mean, are they really makin’ it rain on this baby? Why ya’ll? Help me understand!

~ Queen Sassy


2 Responses to “Sassy Setbacks…06.23.2008”

  1. I see you found the poak chops video. It’s hilarious as well. As for the little girl, isn’t she just growing up in her culture? Gotta give it to her though.

  2. classatmysassytree Says:

    Thanks FLRich. I didn’t know you had a blog! I do hope you find the courage as well. I’d love to read it. It’s a good outlet for me. As for this video….of course she is growing up in her culture…we all are! 🙂 What I disagree with is the word “just”. Nothing about that is “just” in any sense of that word. Though we are ALL growing up in our culture, we are still expected to maintain a higher standard above the distasteful false allures of cultural influence. She is not “just” as in ‘only’ either. She is ALSO growing up in a world where there are still people with common sense and good morals who should take responsibility for the proper rearing of this child. People who don’t want their children to be exploited or made fools of…people who protect children from potential and chronic abusers would NEVER allow this. Apparently, her parents or guardianship are not amongst the level-headed, and it is VERY sad. I for one, am NOT “giving anything to her” or the adults involved except a tongue lashing. They should be ashamed.

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