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Intro to My Sassy…06.20.2008

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sas·sy 1(sās’ē) adj. 1. Lively, spirited, jaunty. 2. Bold, audacious, confident. 3. Rude; Discourteous 4. Forward, brazen, brash. 5. sarcastic, saucy, smart, snippy, wise 6. Stylish, chic.
sas·sy 2(sās’ē) n. 1. A western African tree (Erythrophleum suaveolens) of the pea family, having bark that yields a poison and wood that is used for construction. Also called sasswood, sassy bark.   

Naturally Sassy…I just realized, that I can drive myself crazy stressing over what other people think of me. We all have to define who we are to ourselves, and just flow with that.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but for as long as I can remember, my sassiness has come naturally…though some people have tried to make me feel bad about it, it’s so deeply embedded, they only get frustrated. It has indeed been its own tree: rooted in African descent, firmly planted…its branches, a constant extension of my many dimensions…a platform for learning and growth with each ring and age band earned, a way to distinguish myself amongst others, a blossoming path to finding my way. My sassiness has been a rough exterior of poisonous bark too…constructing, building, and protecting my heart, my confidence, my femininity, my self-esteem, my boldness, my intelligence, my fear…my womanhood, and most of all my forward and expressive opinion.

Okay ya’ll. So this is my very first post and I must say, getting my sweet virgin blogger cherry popped has to be about as comfortable as that New Year’s night at 17.  I’m 28 now, but I must admit I’m nervous, semi-prepared, scared what everyone else will think of me when it’s all over, feeling good because I’ve finally joined the ranks of other women I admire and eager to earn my stripes. I’m thinking “why the hell is it so dark in here” but I’m thankful for the familiar voice that encourages me to finish what I’ve started. All the while, I’m knowing this environment might expose me to a lifetime of open indiscretions, yet still unable to fight my curiosity. I’m loving my partner in all of this but anxious to see if our relationship will grow or falter. My relationship with my talent, I mean. Will I still love it, or will I get my feelings hurt and vow to never do this again?…well, at least until I know I’m loved back.  Hmph, just like 17.

What’s weird is that I’ve always been really bad about keeping a diary. I would start one, do well with it for about a week or so, then put it down for a year or more. Instead, I opted to express my thoughts gangsta style…busting in conversations univited when I felt I had something profound to share…scaring my lily co-workers and pissing off all executives within earshot because I decided to speak up in the bullshyt meeting when the CEO asked if anyone had any further questions…jumping to the defense of friends and even strangers when I felt their own voices we’re too weak to defend themselves…who asked me?…Barely letting my man get a word in edge-wise while he desperately tried to make his case…poor thing, I had already argued both sides complete speeches & lectures on what I may have been feeling at the moment…a writer himself, he remained patient with my aggressive expression…Lucky Me. I frequently tortured my friends and family with my thoughts. I wrote long, descriptive, detailed email messages that would probably rival a pHD dissertation or some lawyer’s closing statement. I admit I needed an outlet. So, I decided to start a blog.  Sorry they had to suffer so long. As of today, I am no longer a virgin. I’m really doing this, allowing my blogger cherry to be popped with my sassy, dramatic thought. I don’t know how good this will be…for ya’ll or for me, but I hope it’s worth it.

So, who Gives a Sassy ‘ish? …Well I started this site and named it the way I did partly because a lot of people seem to be confused & even incensed at times about why I am the way I am.  Hopefully, through class in the educational sense about my sassy, and class in the etiquette sense, this blog will serve as a vehicle for learning, warning, entertaining, engaging and even relieving those in the dark about my sassiness.  I’ve noticed though, that I’m not alone. We’re all at least a little sassy….some of us embrace it, some of us can’t find it or never learned to use it, some of us are ashamed & keep it tamed within. Some praise us for it, others chastise & call us names. Some of us are even hippocritical about it, talking about our busted friend behind her back and sometimes boldly to her face, knowing all the while our own sassy is foul too.  That’s letting you know, anything in excess is way too much. You can keep it sassy, but remain classy!! 

Oftentimes, lively & spirited by definition, my own sassiness, like this blog, is not for everyone.  My delivery is hardly ever welcomed or well-received by the soft and sensitive-hearted.  Yet, I still embrace it. If it isn’t your flavor, you can leave or you can stay. Just be forewarned, I offer no apologies here.  Actually, you can expect some extra sassiness for that matter. For those of you who don’t mind thought-provoking candor or a bit of fantastic fodder in life, welcome to my world of unedited truth & unapologetic sassiness. Maybe you can feel what I think about the pure hot messes, love & relationships, community & family, writing, health, natural beauty, fashion, style & chic culture, politics, music & the arts, life’s never-ending journey of ups and downs, and everything in between.

Sassy sign here…press hard…The only rule of my blog is that there are no rules.  I CAN promise ya’ll that I’ll be sassy in my thought and commentary, sometimes even controversial. I don’t know how to be any other way.  Besides, this is my shyzznit. I can be like that.  The hataz can kick rocks, right? Anyway, this isn’t a rule, but feel free to share your comments, links, pics and all things sassy. I know there will be occasional “blog stalkers”, but I created this blog so I could hear your sassy ‘say whats’ too. Send me your thought-provoking material & lets communicate. Keep it sassy; somewhat classy & I’ll reasonably consider how to post those with a lack thereof.  

Any similarities in stories told or names named are merely coincidence, so don’t get it twisted.  Private Sassiness? Don’t want to post sensitive sass on the blog? You can find me here:

 ~ Queen Sassy